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End-to-end solution for building customized Interactive Mindmaps

Build your own interactive map to visualize an ecosystem of entities


Interactive Mindmap is an automated IT system for visualizing structured information with relationships between entities in the industries and regions under analysis.

An interactive mindmap is an ultimate tool that provides a convenient and efficient way to visualize thousands of data points. It allows to zoom in and out, click on nodes, and explore the relationships between market participants. The maps are designed to provide a comprehensive and intuitive overview of the industry ecosystem, covering startups, investors, research institutions, and other players.

Visualization Options & Types of Information

Round Mindmaps


This type of map is designed for creation of organizations ecosystem. Usually it has two or more layers (e.g., investors, companies, third-parties) that can be splited by geography, industry subsector, technology, etc. (e.g., AI in Finance, AI in Pharma).

Round multi-level mindmap enables complex relationships between industry entities and stakeholders to be visualized, filtered, searched and thus more easily understood. This interactive tool provides a user with a more dynamic lens through which to view emerging trends and activities, and identify dependencies in specific markets.

Rectangle Mindmaps

Another option to visualize industry ecosystem that can be shown by region, subsector, specific technology, or target customers group.

Organizations are automatically grouped in rectangles of different size to answer the question which segment is larger of smaller by the number of objects within the initial dataset.

Personalities Mindmaps

Mindmaps Constructor also allows to transform a wide range of information for personalities, who can be industry leaders, influencers, limited partners, or a large corporate staff, into a user-friendly platform with interactive elements and a set of customizable filters.

Don't miss out on the future of data analytics

Whether you are an entrepreneur, investor, or researcher, our Mindmaps Constructor is the perfect tool for visualizing and understanding industry ecosystem.
If you would like to get additional guidance in navigating the mindmaps, or secure your place on the waitlist for Mindmaps Constructor, our team is here to help.

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