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Interactive Industry Ecosystem Maps Constructor

The most advanced, interactive, visually compelling and user-friendly (no-code, plug-and-play) technology for dynamically visualising entire industry ecosystems on a single display, available as a Saas for clients to easily construct and release ecosystem maps under their own branding.

What is Interactive Industry Ecosystem Maps Constructor?


Interactive Industry Ecosystem Maps Constructor a cutting-edge, fully customizable SaaS and white label solution initially designed for Deep Knowledge Group’s own internal use, constituting the most dynamic and visually compelling technology for creating interactive visual maps of entire industry and domain-specific ecosystems, with pop-put entity profiles, filter and search navigation, and visual industry segmentation (by sector and entity type).

Now available as a SaaS for clients to easily construct their own Interactive Industry Maps in a no-code plug-and-play manner.

Key System Highlights


Whole-Ecosystem Interactive Display

  • Interactively visualize the logos of all entities (companies, investors, organisations)  active in a given industry or domain-specific ecosystem on a single display

  • visualise even extremely large industry ecosystems with tens of thousands of individual entities

Pop-out entity profiles

  • Click on nodes or logos to open detailed profiles of ecosystem participants

  • Pop-out profiles can be customised to incorporate many types of data 


Dynamic Search and Filter 

  • Search entity names and profile keywords in ergonomic easy-to-usesearch bar

  • Create custom filters to selectively display all ecosystem entities matching certain criteria


Networks Visualization

  • Display connection lines between entities to represent investments, partnerships, collaborations or other cross-entity relationships and interactions

  • Selecting specific map sectors filters the connection lines to display only those matching selected criteria

Ecosystem Maps Constructor.gif
Mindmap gif.gif

Multiple Interactive Map Types to Choose From

Round Ecosystem Maps


This type of map distributes entity types by layer (e.g., investors in outer circle, companies in inner circle), and ecosystem segregation types (e.g. distinct countries or regions, industry subsectors, or technologies) by pie-chart style radial segmentation.

Round multi-level interactive ecosystem maps enable complex relationships between industry entities and stakeholders to be visualized, filtered, searched in a single zoomable, pannable and clickable display. This interactive tool provides a user with a more dynamic lens through which to view emerging trends and activities, and identify dependencies in specific markets.

Rectangle Ecosystem Maps

Rectangle ecosystem maps offer a visually simpler method of visualizing segmentation by entity type and ecosystem sector, offering only one entity type per map, and using nested rectangles to group industry segmentation types (e.g. distinct countries or regions, industry subsectors, or technologies).

Personality Ecosystem Maps

Personality ecosystem maps enable users to construct interactive maps of industry leaders or domain-specific personalities.


This type of map has the same search and filter functionalities as round and rectangle ecosystem maps, and allows users to classify personalities by multiple types.

Interactive Industry Ecosystem Maps Constructor Demo

Click to explore the interactive ecosystem map demo above

Don’t miss out on the future of industry ecosystem mapping

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