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Understand the connections of companies/investors within industry sectors

Understanding the connections between the different companies and investors is an important stage when conducting market analytics. No matter what is your idea behind the market analysis, the better you can assess market interconnectedness the more data you can get that might benefit you when searching for a deal, investor or making market research for other cases.


At Deep Knowledge Group, we care about your time and efforts. We understand how time-consuming this process might be and have developed tools to help you in this journey.  

Let's see how they really work

First, open your dashboard. Your left tab works as a navigation tool, where you can access the dashboard's pages. Here you will find the Mindmaps tab. Click on tab and request Freemium access!

Let's define Mindmaps first. A mindmap is an interactive market map that allows you to see how the market is interconnected.


Every mindmap has two or more layers (e.g., Investors and Companies as on the screenshot on the left) and sectors (e.g., Robotics or Mental Health).

At first glance, the navigation might be a little bit complicated. So let's begin with this first. 

On the right-hand side, you can access the first part of the navigation tools. You can use the search bar on the top to look for a specific company or click on any sector or layer name to redirect yourself to the details page.  


The details page possesses a list of the entities that match the part you have selected. Say, if you click on the name of a particular sector it will navigate you to the list of companies that relate to this sector.

After that, you can click on any company and learn more about it. See its investors, funding, and basic information.

Since some mindmaps contain thousands of entities, this feature can allow you to navigate yourself with convenience throughout the mindmap's data.


Another way to work with mindmaps is to use the mapping itself. In order to do that, you can click on any layer or sector name and look at entities that match this particular case. 

In order to see connections between entities across layers, you should just drop your cursor on the name of the subsector.

In addition, you can access the same information about entities just by clicking on the logo of this entity on the mindmap.


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