Longevity Governance
Big Data Analytics Dashboard

Longevity Governance Big Data Analytics System and Dashboard provides access to continuous monitoring of the specific governmental policy activities directly impacting National Healthy Longevity and Longevity Industrialization and to consistently track and analyze data points related to government-led Longevity development initiatives. 
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Dynamic Charts 
Policy Recommendations 
Data Points

AI-Driven Longevity Governance Recommendation System

Longevity Governance Recommendations System provides actionable insights on the practical steps which can secure improvements in national longevity policies for the defined countries. 

  • The full coverage of states across the globe

  • Practical recommendations are grouped into 6 major categories

  • Recommendations are generated by AI engine based on
    extensive datasets


Comparison of Countries Performance in Longevity Governance 

The tool allows to conduct the comparative analysis of states based on the large number of indicators relating to Longevity Governance.

  • 100+ parameters for comparison characterising the progress
    in longevity

  • Comparison is available for every country in the database

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Interactive Chart Builder

Interactive Chart Builder allows creating the charts based on the user’s desired parameters. Relying on the extensive database, this tool can visualise the parameters of specific states relating to longevity governance. 

  • Easy-to-use tool for data visualisation

  • Data for charts is aggregated from a large number of
    external sources

  • Clearly represented comparisons of parameters on the charts


Interactive Mindmaps

Interactive Mindmaps allow users to visualise the interconnections between the elements, namely countries, for specific parameters.

  • Interactive mindmaps represent the key differentiations
    between regions

  • The tool allows to define the groups as per specific parameters

  • Countries distributions across the longevity governance indicators


Longevity Governance Index

Longevity Governance Index was constructed to measure the Longevity Governance development across all countries. The index is a dynamic quantitative and qualitative benchmarking model constructed from 124 unique parameters.

  • Index evaluates the current state of Longevity and related initiatives among countries

  • Index finds and determines the strengths and weaknesses of the healthcare systems

Longevity Governance Index (1).png

Longevity Governance Data for All Countries

The Dashboard provides the full scope of data relating to national longevity policies and health optimisation for every country in the database.

  • each country profile contains the data for 100+ parameters relating to national longevity-related initiatives

  • data is constantly updated and parsed from wide range of
    external sources


Collection of Analytical Reports

The Dashboard provides analytical reports dedicated to topics of longevity governance

  • Coverage of trends, challenges and opportunities confronting the longevity governance

  • Comprehensive rankings and profiling of regions and states

  • Insights on ways of optimization of government-led initiatives in Longevity across the globe




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