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Discover Dashboards Constructor™
White Label Solution

The ultimate solution for building customized 
Big Data Analytics Systems and Dashboards

What is Dashboard Constructor™?


Dashboards Constructor™ is a cutting-edge, fully customizable white label solution designed to help businesses like yours create stunning, interactive dashboards for business needs. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, you can now effortlessly deliver data-driven insights.

Dashboard Constructor

How Dashboards Constructor™ Works


Seamless Integration
Connect Dashboard Constructor to your existing systems and data sources with just a few clicks.


Customize & Brand
Tailor the look and feel of your dashboards to match your branding, ensuring a cohesive experience.


Drag & Drop Interface
Create beautiful, interactive dashboards with ease using our intuitive drag and drop interface.


Automated Insights
Leverage the power of advanced algorithms to generate actionable insights, presented in visually engaging formats.

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Features of Dashboards Constructor™

Fully Customizable
Personalize every aspect of your dashboards, from colors and fonts to custom widgets and data visualizations.


Interactive Visualizations
Interactive, real-time data visualizations that make complex information easy to understand


Access dashboard on-the-go, with a fully responsive design that works seamlessly across devices.


Secure & Scalable
Trust in the security and reliability of our platform, built to handle large volumes of data and grow with your business.


Don't miss out on the future of data analytics

Are you ready to elevate your data analytics offerings and drive increased value for your clients? Request a demo to see the power of our Dashboard Constractor in action.

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