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Digital UK Ecosystem Big Data Analytics Dashboard or (The NEW Era of The Big Data Ecosystem)

Solve your research challenges by seizing our platform to quickly identify the UK DeepTech start-ups and scale-ups.

The lack of attention given to Big Data is not necessarily surprising. Data is the new oil, and the real challenge is to harness the data to gain a competitive edge in the market. Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have a synergistic relationship. Artificial Intelligence helps you make faster, better, data-driven decisions that can increase efficiency, revenue, and profits.

To address this challenge, we are offering the world our first version of an advanced AI solution: Digital UK Ecosystem Big Data Analytics Dashboard, an innovative AI-based dashboard and one-of-a-kind solution that showcases all the relevant information about industries in the UK by region along with an overall view of the country.

The UK DeepTech Dashboard features an interactive AI-based dashboard that provides a detailed retrospective of DeepTech industry data by compiling open-source data and an aesthetic visualisation of the DeepTech ecosystem in the UK. It offers a more dynamic perspective on emerging trends and activities in this sphere by emphasising interactions, relationships, and connections between various entities and industries.

In our analysis of the healthcare, financial, and socioeconomic factors affecting the UK economy, the Dashboard identifies the following four main areas :

Government Investment Initiatives and Programmes: Provides an overview of the UK's leading investment initiatives and programmes.

Digital Analytics: Delivers the latest updates through Big Data and AI on the state of investments in the UK.

Over 20 different government programmes are featured in the “Governmental Programs Regarding Digitalization area” of the UK Platform that describes the UK's most successful initiatives and programmes involving government investment.

The Digital UK Ecosystem Big Data Analytics Dashboard offers investor matching and SWOT analysis, also providing automatic business development recommendations. It helps users to enhance their decision-making regarding technological innovations from both analytics and execution perspectives by using data aggregation, parsing, AI, and an analytics platform combined with innovative stakeholder matching capabilities.

The Digital UK Ecosystem Dashboard does not just benefit start-ups and budding businesses, it can serve as a one-stop automated data diagnostics and analytics solution for individual users, large enterprises, governments, governmental bodies, and investors alike. It shows the inflow history and distribution of investments into the country by region and the total number of deals and investment rounds to help you gain a strategic business advantage. Businesses can use this dashboard to map the innovation ecosystems at unprecedented levels of detail in order to gain an edge over their competitors. This way, through AI tools they can easily identify their closest competitors in terms of technologies, products, R&D processes, and team compositions.

One of a Kind

  1. Our product has evolved from descriptive reports to an Interactive Custom AI-based Dashboard Platform where you can browse the landscape of the UK DeepTech market.

  2. As we keep developing the IT platform, we can add features per your requirements, so you have an edge in your market while saving both time and money.

  3. It comes with ease of customisation, i.e., it can be moulded to fit requirements and avoid the irrelevant data, giving you advantage over competitors.

  4. It emphasises interactions, relations, and connections between various entities and industries and enables complex interactions between industry entities and stakeholders to be visualised, filtered, searched, and understood in a seamless manner.

Digital UK Big Data Analytics Dashboard is designed to help you solve your research challenges via our platform.

This tool helps DeepTech companies find partners and service providers who specialise in their niches via market research and business matching. Keeping an eye on who your competition is and what they offer can help you make your products, services, and marketing truly stand out. Hence, it provides competitor analysis, product research, and market research through Artificial Intelligence.

Investors look for start-ups, and they always want more than a great pitch deck or a solid business plan. Digital UK Ecosystem Big Data Analytics Dashboard analyses industries of interest monitor updates in real-time by browsing UK-based DeepTech start-ups, scale-ups, and public companies for possible investments or collaborations. Businesses can use this Dashboard to map the innovation ecosystems at even the microlevels.

Utilise our platform to identify DeepTech start-ups and scale-ups in the UK and let us know your industry requirements – we will help in addressing all your industry needs in one place.

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