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Deep Pharma Intelligence
Big Data Analytics Dashboard

Solve your research challenges by seizing our platform to quickly identify Pharma companies and scaleups across the globe
More than 140,000
data points
170 parameters

AI in Drug Discovery Industry Analytical Framework

Deep Pharma Intelligence has constructed intricate analytical framework competent enough to analyze, define, and predict the Artificial Intelligence in Drug Development (AI in DD) industry and the DeepTech technologies that drive it.


For the past decade, Deep Pharma Intelligence has been developing the most practical means of advancing, optimizing, predicting, and coordinating the trajectory of Artificial Intelligence in Drug Development’s constant advancement and the careful, de-risked, and socially responsible delivery of its benefits for humanity. ​

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Locate Companies and Take a Closer Look at Them

Browse DeepTech companies, scale-ups and public companies to invest in or work with:

  • Analyse industries and companies of interest

  • Monitor updates in real time

Clinical Trials

Discover clinical trials conducted by AI for Drug Development companies.

  • Monitor the clinical trials updates in real-time

  • Users may filter by clinical trials date, study type, phase and status. 

  • The data is updated in a daily manner

Investors Database

Get a comprehensive set of data about investors aggregated from numerous data sources.

  • View the portfolio structure of every investor in the database

  • Map the network of investors investing in AI for Drug Development Companies

  • Conduct effective market intelligence on investor’s activities to make vetted decisions  


Interactive Chart Builder allows creating the charts based on the user’s desired parameters. Relying on the extensive database, this tool can visualize the data about AI in Drug Development companies.

  • Easy-to-use tool for data visualization

  • Data for charts is aggregated from a large number of external sources

  • Clearly represented comparisons of parameters on the charts

Portfolio Construction Tool

The built-in tool lets dashboard users check out how selected public companies would perform under various investment strategies if a person had invested in them before.

  • Users may choose among different strategies or adjust weights to find the best outcomes 

  • Backtesting of the portfolio might shed light on how the equity basket would behave in the future

Comparative Analysis

The Comparative Analysis tool allows for exploring companies with unseen precision. The tool is available for each company in the database of the Dashboard. The tool collects all information about the selected companies and also performs automated SWOT analysis.

  • The tool provides the aggregated scoring of companies based on the primary and alternative data 

  • Assessment results are validated through Artificial Intelligence engine

  • Handful tool for making the aggregated conclusion on the overall performance of the given company

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