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Connect to industry professionals for the meaningful relationships

Finding the relevant partners play a pivotal role in business success. To this end, the dashboards offer matching tools allowing to find other market players to meet the various business needs (legal, financial services, marketing etc). The AI algorithms being in the core of the tool help to identify the best matches. 

Let's make some examples

No matter which dashboard you are currently using, your left tab works as a navigation tool, where you can access the dashboard's pages. Here you will find the Investors tab. Click on tab and request Freemium access!

Use the matching tool to successfully investigate any given investor and find the hidden relations with the embedded Machine Learning engine.


Click on the Investors button on the navigation bar and access the profile of the required investor through entities search. Go to Matching Tool tab.  On the left side, you will see the major information relating to the investor in question. The right side is the matching tool itself as it provides suggestions for partners in a variety of business activities (marketing, legal, financial services, software and hardware).


Use the interactive Mindmaps button on the navigation bar leading to the visualizations of the entire industries based on market sectors. Such representation of data allows to map the organization and trace network interdependencies. You can easily investigate the clusters of companies, investors, and R&D hubs. Understand how different actors relate to each other in an interactive way. No matter what is the reasoning behind your BizDev analysis, Mindmaps can serve as a powerful tool to track and understand the players inside the niche better!  


Browse the competitors of the investors with the help of Big Data Analytics Dashboards. Access Investors tab on the navigation bar and use the search field to find the investor you are interested in. Press Details button to view the investor’s profile. The left side contains the general information and description of business activities. The right sight outlines the competitors of the investor under the question and their portfolio companies. 


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