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Matching Tool

Find service providers and partners that specialize in your niche and market

The matching tool embedded into the Dashboard has a dual purpose. On the one hand, the matching tool allows investors to find their peers for portfolio comparison, as well as new co-investors for investment syndicates. On the other hand, companies can leverage this tool to expand their investors' universe, looking for investors who are interested in similar companies.

Find the ideal clients, investors or partners. Locate the service providers that specialize in your market. The matching tool allows you to find a partner for marketing, legal, software, hardware or financial services seamlessly.


The database is constantly updated with new entities and labels. The embedded ML-based approach allows for reaching high recommendation precision.

Let's make some examples

No matter which dashboard you are currently using, your left tab works as a navigation tool, where you can access the dashboard's pages. Here you will find the Investors tab. Click on tab and request Freemium access!

Use the matching tool to successfully investigate any given investor and find the hidden relations with the embedded Machine Learning engine. Click on the Investors button on the navigation bar and access the profile of the required investor through entities search.


Go to Matching Tool tab.  On the left side, you will see the major information relating to the investor in question. The right side is the matching tool itself as it provides suggestions for partners in a variety of business activities (marketing, legal, financial services, software and hardware).


Click the Competitors tab in the navigation bar, select the type of organization you want to investigate (Investor or Company) and watch the competitors engaged in similar market segments.


The dashboard will map the portfolio companies and organizations that are active in a similar niche.


Discover interactive network diagrams which represent the interdependencies between entities for specific industry sectors. Check the opportunities for networking and potential business partners.


Go to the Network Diagrams tab on the navigation bar, select the industry sector you’re interested in and view the interactive diagram showing the interdependencies between the companies. You can select from 10 to 50 key companies in the sector to display the connections between all companies active in the industry field.


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