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Limited Partners

Explore Limited Partners From Multiple Thematic Groups

Limited Partners are the driving force of any market. Many investment entities looking for those, aiming to allocate their money to their fund or firm. Yet this process takes a lot of time and effort.


At Deep Knowledge Group, we care about your time and efforts. Our Longevity Investment Big Data Analytics dashboard possesses a unique database of Limited Partners that you can easily access for your purposes.

Let's make some examples

First, open your dashboard. Your left tab works as a navigation tool, where you can access the dashboard's pages. Here you will find the Limited Partners tab. Click on tab and request Freemium access!

After that, you will lend to the Limited Partners page, where you can search through the available database.

You can click on the Gear-like button to access the existing filters. When choosing more than one filter, the system will only show you those companies, matching both of them. You can choose as many filters as you want.

You can also insert the name of the firm or fund to search through their LPs or write down the name of the Partner you are interested in. Easy like that!

lpS-2 (2).jpg

Our Longevity Investment Big Data Analytics Dashboard allows you not only to look for the LPs but also to analyze the portfolios and competitors of the investment enteties.

On the screenshot above you can see a column called Name. Clicking on any of the names will lead you to the Company details page (screenshot left). 


Aside from general information, you can access the portfolio of the given company and its competitors. This will allow you to define your area of interest better, find new LPs and understand your market position better!


Obviously, it would be nice to look at the particular companies your competitors are investing in, The same can be said about LPs. 

You need to understand your friends as much as you understand your competitors.

Fortunately, you can look at those companies that ended up in the portfolio of the given LP. On the left-hand side, you can navigate yourself to the Companies tab and explore new investment targets or analyze those that were interesting for your competitors. 

Learn more about the Deal Sourcing here!


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