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Raise capital with data-informed peer groups, benchmarks and investors

Match your fundraising goals with the investors engaged in your industry sector. The engine embedded into Big Data Analytics Dashboards allows to identify the connections between companies and investors so that both parties could enter into mutually beneficial investment agreements.

Let's make some examples

No matter which dashboard you are currently using, your left tab works as a navigation tool, where you can access the dashboard's pages. Here you will find the Investors tab. Click on tab and request Freemium access!

Browse the investors by clicking on the Investors tab on the navigation bar. Use Filter by clicking on the gear-like button next to the Sort By button. Select various parameters such as Longevity Sector in which investors allocate funds, Headquarters Location, Investor Type, etc., for a more precise search.


After finding the investor you have been looking for, click the Details button to view the full information of a given investor.


Get the data about funding rounds relating to the industry focus of the dashboards, by clicking the Funding rounds tab in the navigation bar.


Filter deals with the necessary parameters (raised amounts, dates, industry sectors) and leverage data for your investment decisions.


Big Data Analytics Dashboards offer the search through the available database of limited partners. Press Limited partners on the navigation bar and set the preferred filters. When choosing more than one filter, the system will only show you those companies, matching both of them. You can choose as many filters as you want.


You can also insert the name of the firm or fund to search through their LPs or write down the name of the Partner you are interested in. Easy like that!


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