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Analytical Framework of DeepTech Industry

Framework Documentation



Analytical Report

Analytical report produced by Deep Knowledge Group's subsidiaries outlines major developments confronting the various segments of the DeepTech Industry.

This report summarises key observations in the private equity and venture capital ecosystem of the rapidly evolving and exponentially growing technological innovations. We have assembled information about key industry trends, more than 60,500 mature companies and startups, 85 disruptive DeepTech Industry domains. 

Supplementary Materials

Deep Knowledge Group Participation in GovTech Global 2022 Conference 

GovTech 13th October - Dmitry Kaminskiy.webp

On October 13th, 2022, Deep Knowledge Group unveiled 5 first-of-their-kind GovTech and DeepTech Big Data Analytics Dashboards, including Global GovTech, UK Digital Ecosystem, GovTech in UK, Global Longevity Governance and Longevity Governance in the UK, at the landmark GovTech Global 2022 conference in London, UK among leading GovTech companies and top government officials from UK Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation and more.

The 5th Industrial Revolution Book

The 5th Industrial Revolution without shadow.webp

Backed up by nearly a decade of work done by Deep Knowledge Group and its numerous analytical subsidiaries, this book is dedicated to introducing you to the powerful analytical framework. The one that is capable of defining the 5th Industrial Revolution and forecasting the most realistic methods of optimizing the trajectory of its ongoing evolution and the safe delivery of its benefits for global humanity.

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