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Deep Pharma Intelligence Solution: Big Data Analytics Dashboard  2.0

Deep Pharma Intelligence Big Data Analytics Dashboard  2.0 is a fundamental tool for strategic insights, opportunity evaluation, competitor profiling, and other purposes relevant to Pharma and BioTech decision-makers, life science investors, consulting companies, and regulatory agencies.
DPI 2.0
More than 250,000
data points
80+ SWOT

Deep Pharma Intelligence Solution:

  • 4500 AI in Biopharma Organisations Database

  • Funding Rounds Database

  • Collaborations Database

  • Algorithmic SWOT based on 80+ parameters

  • Advanced Sorting and Filtering Options Based on Product Features

  • R&D Collaborations Database

  • Industry Experts Database

  • 5000 AI-assisted Clinical Trials Database 

  • Advanced Interactive 3D Visualisations 

  • User-friendly Interface

DPI 2 _1

Advanced Visualization of Industry Ecosystem

Mindmaps allow users to demystify the complexity of the markets by visualizing the connections between the market players. Mindmaps provide the right means to conduct more efficient business development, finding new allocation targets, co-investors and competitors.

3D Evolution Tree

  • Interactive 3D Visualization: Offer an interactive and dynamic visualization of sectoral development.

  • Sectoral Representation: Each branch or node in the 3D evolution tree represent a specific sector, such as technology, healthcare.

  • Time Filtering Capabilities: The tool have the capability to filter the visualization based on different time periods.

  • Information Layers: Each sector or node in the 3D evolution tree  associated with additional information layers.

Complex Tree gif.gif

Clinical Trials 3D Heatmap

By integrating 3D visualization with real-time data, it provides a comprehensive and intuitive tool for tracking the progress of trials across regions, enhancing decision-making for healthcare and pharmaceutical professionals.

Dashboards Constructor

  • Enables the creation of tailored and personalized analytical dashboards in a matter of minutes

  • All features that are available on other dashboards are already enabled

  • Save time and money on analyst training with a low-code solution

  • You are the one who decides - purchase a white label solution or request creation-on-demand


Cross-Industrial Comparative Analysis

  • Variety of parameters brought together to provide the meaningful market intelligence

  • Intersectoral and cross-sectoral entities assessment

  • Entry and advanced levels of analysis suited for different types of users

  • Weekly-curated database for the latest news analysis across different topics

Automized SWOT Analysis

  • Depth of Analysis: Our tool delves deep into the intricate details of the pharmaceutical industry, going beyond generic SWOT analysis.

  • Comprehensive Parameters: We offer a broad spectrum of 80 unique parameters across seven key categories, ensuring a thorough evaluation.

  • Strategic Advantage: Whether you're a seasoned investor in search of the next big opportunity or a pharma professional aiming to enhance your strategic planning, our automated SWOT analysis is your guiding compass.

  • Navigating Complexity: In a complex industry, our tool simplifies decision-making by providing actionable insights for investors and industry experts alike.


Automated Comparative Analysis

The tool allows to conduct the comparative analysis of companies based on the large number of indicators relating to your project.

  • 80+ parameters for comparison characterising the progress

  • detailed analysis of Ultimate Decision Makers of potential partners for boosting engagement process

  • comparison is available for every company in the database

Matching Tool

  • Investors matching tool allows investors find their peers for portfolio comparison, as well as new co-investors for investment syndicates.  

  • Companies can leverage this tool for expansion of their investors' universe, looking for investors who are interested in the similar companies. 


Don’t miss out on the future of advanced visualisations

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