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 Made-to-order technology and region-specific Industry Landscape Overviews 
(major trends report, company and investor profiles, interactive ecosystem mindmaps) 
on DeepTech and Innovation Ecosystem sectors 

Customised, bespoke insights, trends and sector, technology and region-specific industry ecosystem landscape overviews carefully curated by the world’s leading consortium on DeepTech and Innovation Ecosystem industries and sectors, featuring:
  • Detailed company, investor and R&D Hub profiles and database
  • Interactive mindmaps with clickable entity profiles illustrating connections between entities (e.g., companies and investors)
  • IT-Platform with interactive charts, diagrams and figures
  • Short and Long PDF reports distilling key trends and insights
  • Sectors of expertise include DeepTech, Longevity, AI, InvestTech, GovTech, FemTech, Blockchain, FinTech, AI in Pharma, BioTech, SpaceTech, NeuroTech and more.  
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International Acknowledgements


Ahmed Bin Sulayem

Executive Chairman of DMCC


Hong Nam-ki

Deputy Prime Minister of South Korea

Hong Nam-ki posted about Deep Knowledge Group's COVID-19 Safety Ranking published on August 26, 2020.


"Compared to the other countries, Germany currently has the best security and stability ranking in Europe and is also one of the world's leading nations when it comes to crisis management."


"The latest IMF forecast sees Hungary registering the second smallest GDP drop in the EU, and we are the #4 State by European Covid19 Safety Countries Ranking, according to the research of the Deep Knowledge Group."

The Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce tweeted Deep Knowledge Group's COVID-19 Rankings published on 14th of April 2020.


"Deep Knowledge Group's report, based on 130 parameters, ranks Switzerland #1 due to its economy's resilience and careful ways to relax lockdown without sacrificing public health and safety."

Alain Berset-0524.jpg

Alain Berset is Federal Councillor, Head of the Federal Department of Home Affairs (DFI) and former President of the Swiss Confederation. Alain Berset mentioned Deep Knowledge Group's COVID-19 Safety Ranking published on 4th of June 2020 on his Twitter account.


“With a growing population, Greater Manchester has put healthy ageing at the heart of its Local Industrial Strategy and is creating a city region test bed to trial close-to-market goods and services for older people. I have every confidence that the work undertaken by Aging Analytics Agency will further widen and cement our proposition as an international leader in this field and showcase Greater Manchester as the ideal environment to take advantage of this ever-growing market”


“Greater Manchester is proud to be home to researchers and businesses doing some of the most ground-breaking work in the field of healthy ageing. Studies like this one reflect how our city-region’s strengths in health and digital are becoming increasingly complementary. We’re ready to support the next wave of innovation that will help people everywhere lead healthy, active and independent lives.”

What We Offer

For a price typically ranging from £10.000 - £20.000, we are prepared to produce and supply bespoke, customised landscape analytics overview reports and IT-Platforms for DeepTech and Innovation Ecosystem sectors of your choosing, for start-ups, scale-ups, public corporations, government and regional authorities, intergovernmental and international policy organisations, investment firms, non-profits, academic institutions and more.
The typical scope of deliverables include:

Extensive Database covering full scope of participants of a given industry, featuring

  • Sector-based segmentation/categorization

  • Companies

  • Investors

  • Hubs

  • Personalities


Infographic Industry Ecosystem Mindmap

I.e., a visualisation of the full scope of entities in the database, categorised by either industry sector, or region, or both.

Interactive Industry Ecosystem Mindmap

An online interactive version of the static mindmap, in which industry sectors can be isolated and visualized independently, in which entity-specific data can be displayed by clicking on individual entity logos, and in which networks of investment or collaboration can be visualised.

Sub 5.jpg

Interactive platform in the form of a website

Landing page containing all components in this list in one place for the ease of sharing, presentation and digestion of information.

Set of PDF documents 

Providing major analytic overview (with key trends) of the industry, sector or technology that is the subject of the report:

  • Comprehensive Landscape Report. 

  • Teaser. A shorter version of the report, containing most important pages, insights/take-aways and visuals. 

  • One-pager. A 2-page extract from the analytical report for fast familiarisation.

Short promo-video and infographics banners for web and SMM (social media marketing) usage.

The cost of producing the above deliverables typically falls within the range of £10.000 - £20.000, depending on the length and depth of the PDF documents (the lower limit of this range being set by the scope of non-PDF, online/IT-based items outlined above). 

In select circumstances, we may be willing to negotiate pro-bono and/or co-branded production of Landscape Overview Reports and IT-Platforms with exceptional institutions or clients, if they are a supremely good fit for the overall strategic agenda of our parent consortium, Deep Knowledge Group.

Projects requiring an extended scope of IT, Data Science and Analytics

Such as those represented in the scope of advanced analysis and data visualization functionalities and capabilities seen in our suite of Big Data Analytical Dashboards. It is possible, and can be discussed at the client’s discretion on a case-by-case basis.

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