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Analytical Framework of Longevity Financial Industry

Established Entities Exposed to Longevity Risk


Pension Funds

Asset Management Firms

Insurance Companies

Established Longevity Oriented Entities

Longevity Insurance & InsurTech

Big Data Actuarial Models 

HALE/QALE Based Insurance

Disability Insurance

Health Insurance

Longevity Risk Transfer

Longevity-Enhanced Annuities 

Life Insurance

InsurTech Marketplaces

Longevity FinTech and Asset Management

Age-friendly Banks

Longevity Credit Unions

Reverse Mortgage Providers

State Pension Funds

Age-Friendly Banks Neobanks

Healthy Lifestyle Bonuses

Equity Release Providers

Corporate Pension

Longevity WealthTech

Retiree Employment

Digital Brokers

AI-Driven Advisory Services

Wealth Management

New-Gen Portfolio Management


Novel Retirement Plans 

Concepts of Longevity InvestTech 2.0 Novel Financial System

Longevity Biomarkers for De-Risking

Longevity Stock


Longevity Investment


Longevity Exchange Traded Fund

InvestTech Bridge to Neutralize Liquidity Gap

Longevity Index & Index Fund

Longevity Innovation Marketplace

Longevity DAO 

Longevity Rating


Aging Wallets

Framework Documentation



Analytical Reports

The following collection of analytcial reports produced by Deep Knowledge Group's subsidiaries otline the major developments confronting the various segments of the Longevity Financial Industry 

Supplementary Materials

Thematic Conferences

2nd Longevity Financial Club.webp

On July 21, 2022, the Longevity Financial Club hosted their second official invitation-only event for investment and financial industry professionals on the topic of Longevity FinTech and InvestTech in the Sky Lounge of the landmark Shard building.


The event featured presentations and a panel discussion by Longevity financial professionals, focused on challenges and opportunities for investors and startups in DeepTech and Longevity private markets

Longevity Financial Industry Book

Health is The New Wealth
Longevity FinTech, WealthTech, InsurTech, AgeTech and the Coming Rise of Longevity Banks, Investment Banks, Stock Exchanges, ETFs, Indices, Novel Financial Instruments and Derivatives​

  • Engineered InvestTech and FinTech Solutions to Bridge the Big Longevity Industry Liquidity Gap

  • Longevity Futures, Shorting, Exchange Traded Funds and Technology Marketplaces

  • Longevity Stock Exchange, Investment Bank, Index Fund and Financial Derivatives

  • Longevity Financial Instruments 2.0: Derivatives Tied to National Healthcare Systems, Pension Systems, National Healthy Longevity & Longevity Economies

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